January 22, 2019
  • 8:03 am Falleció en Miami el Dr. Manuel Viamonte
  • 9:42 pm Presentation of the book “A Differing View of Cuba’s History” by Charles A Santos-Buch, M.D.
  • 10:00 pm Conferencia “Lydia Cabrera in memoriam: A los 120 años de su nacimiento” por la Dra. Mariela A. Gutiérrez, Organizada por NACAE
  • 8:35 pm Rostros y voces cubanos – Federico Justiniani es entrevistado por Rolando Morelli
  • 3:40 am Revolution And Continuity In The History Of Education In Cuba

Autora: Graciella Cruz-Taura

Marxist pedagogy came to dominate Cuba’s educational system shortly after the Revolution of 1959. This paper examines the history of educational policy in Cuba, with emphasis on the Republic’s policy during the first half the twentieth century. The objective is to identify cultural patterns that have survived the changes imposed by the communist order. The author recognizes that revolutionary ideology radically altered Cuban education yet the regime’s ultimate goal to create a new socialist man has failed. While this is hardly a new assessment – it has been analyzed by the author elsewhere as well as by others – the author points to the historical record to support the argument that Cuban traditions and educational values contributed to the derailment of communist educational objectives and deserve consideration in the formulation of plans to rehabilitate the Cuban educational system for the twenty-first century.